“Good Things Will Happen”

Hi everyone,

Today, I am gonna talk a bit more (how is it possible ?) about me and let you know about the future changes in my life and so on my baby blog.

Now back in my WONDERFUL city of Shanghai, I started again to do my own business and I have to admit, it is a Success… !

First, after these 3 weeks that I spent in France, visiting family and friends plus doing my paperworks for the visa, I am soooo glad to come back here, in my new HOME, for 6 months now…

I just recently celebrated it with few friends but still, it was something BIG to me !

Anyway, after that and struggling with this visa issue/situation/stuff/etc, I am now sure that I don’t have to go back to the uni anymore ; and that I will work full-time and not only part-time anymore .. ! I am so grateful for that, especially towards to Weida who is giving me this AWESOME professionnal opportunity...

For the moment, I prefer not to talk too much about it, as I didn’t sign the contract yet but it will be tomorrow and I am sure it is the beginning of a WONDERFUL adventure, for me, but also for both of Us.

Plus, I recently joined That’s It Magazine to write some random and lifestyle articles and I have to say … I LOVE being an Editorial Writer as I am a BIG fan of reading and writing ! Today, I met Camilla, the Managing Editor and I was so happy to finally meet her, as they already trust me for almost 2 months, without even meeting me, just in reading my very first article about Biplate, that I will also release on my blog, as soon as possible … !

Of course, and even if my full-time job is coming (very soon !), I will keep my last student Doris, who I spend so great times with ! She is only 6 years old but … bilingual in English ! That means that the teacher that I am don’t know anymore what to do with her… That means that we use English to do much more stuffs than expected: cooking; sciences; projects; etc. And it is AWESOME and very stimulating/inspiring/…

And, finally, I have to speak about the workshops that I already attended 2 times since the beginning, and it is now part of my life, as I spend soooo WONDERFUL times with Véronique, Cathleen and the others ! Soon, I will release different articles about different entrepreneurs that I admire, to be honest. It will be a new category on my blog ; and some others might also come step by step.

What (else) about my baby blog, now ?

As you can notice, it will be mainly in English in the future ; and if I manage to do it too, might have some short articles in Chinese… !

I really would like you to feel comfortable on this website and would really like to become a daily companion for you.

Other thing: I really enjoy the lifestyle I have here and it is really a pleasure to take pictures every single day, as the fact I am speaking Chinese with everyone (taxi drivers ; teachers ; random Chinese people in the street ; shopowners etc). So I might invent another category for you to be like with me every day, and in my new exciting life as an expatriate who really tries her best to adjust and adapt her way of being/speaking/thinking and simply of LIVING … !

If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see and to read on this new born (already more than one year old !), just let me know in the comments below. I would be very glad to read you, as answering your questions about everything you like !

I hope we can meet one day, especially if you are in Shanghai, as I know that some of them are following me from here !

See you (very !) soon,





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