This Is Incredible China : TIC !

Hello everyone,

I come back today with a totally not planned article about ..TIC, for This Is Incredible China !

I am sure you already heard about the American Dream, but I can tell you, even if I never went to the US yet, this is AWESOME here, how you can start from (almost) nothing and do some WONDERFUL things …!

As an example, this morning, I just received a call from Florence, the friend of the director of a big International Primary School in Shanghai, called Pauline.

She never saw me before and we just know each other because we both know Pauline, but, without having done an interview, I am gonna go there this afternoon, for an extrascolar class, with 5 children, to do some Carnival masques in order to celebrate this festival ! (#ilovemyjob)

I am so HAPPY that my network is finally extending everyday and above all, so grateful for all the people I meet here in SHANGHAI

I cannot believe I am living the Dream, here, more than 10 000 km from my hometown…

Stay tuned,




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