My routine “SOS peau en détresse”

Hi everyone,

I am here today to speak a bit more about superficial things, but though, very important in my life, as I spend a lot of time trying to improve the quality and the aspect of my skin.

As I suffered from acne, maybe since I am 11 years old, and as I am now 25, I have a lot of things to say and to recommend (or not !) to make it better !

If you’re interested in this new routine, that I just tried to help my skin in an emergency case, keep reading girls (and boys !).

My new routine when my skin is saying “bye bye”.

Here is the list of the different beauty products I am using to create my own mask, but first is my everyday and go-to moisturizing cream : Normaderm from Vichy. As far as I remember, I use it since 3 or 4 years now, changing sometimes to try a new one, but noone is like this one ! Super smooth, dries very quickly and mattifying my combination skin, plus, it is doing some actions for my acne problems at the same time. Recently, the packaging has changed into a blue-green tube, but I found it great and you just need to press one time to receive enough product for your whole face !

Then, I recently received this undereyes’ cream from my aunt, this is from Yves Rocher, the Elixir 7.9. I have to say that I am not really convinced but I am always and still looking for this kind of cream, as I am 25 now and starting to get some blue areas, and wrinkles, haha !

My mosturizing cream, my undereyes’roll-on and 2 different essential oils.

Then, what is the best for me is that I just recently used essential oils to treat my skin, very specifically !

First, with the famous Tea Tree for my acne spots and ; to help to make the scars disappear, I use this Aroma Zone essential oil for skin repair.

I have to admit that I use them together, and if it works, I will let you know about the mask I am doing almost every day now ; to help my skin in the morning, to be ready for the make-up after all… !

Tea tree, Skin repair and lips butter.

Last but not least: I am using this Extreme Repair balm, for my lips. This contains some Macadamia Oil and Manguo Butter and it smells sooo good ! I love it and it also makes my lips so shiny and look so pretty. I bought it somewhere small but I don’t remember … 😦

And… that’s It ! 😉

If you’re interested in a Morning, Night or acne routine, just let me know in the comments !

Don’t forget to take care of your skin, every day and gently, as this is the main organ of our body, at least the biggest… and we will keep it forever !

See you soon,



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