Sharing is caring #1

Hi everyone,

Today’s gonna be a new category on my baby blog, “Sharing is caring” for the things I like and especially, the people I love and inspire me, like my friend Véronique, who is Canadian and so funny/nice/charming/creative/lion/…

Here is her blog, that she let for a long time now, so go there and let’s write a nice comment to make her start everything again.

She is also the founder of MakeinChina, a WONDERFUL and human company, who organises WONDERFUL workshops, with AWESOME homemade food and products, in a nice location, Hengshan Lu, where the sun arrives directly in the room … !

Stay tuned for more informations about her, and other WONDERFUL woman’trepreneuses that I met here, in my WONDERFUL “上爱 “ 

Life is an Adventure. She is part of mine, in Shanghai …



See you guys and girls,

The Best is Yet to Come.

Roseline ❤



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