My Nailothèque in Shanghai.

Hello everyone,

Today, it is a day at home, for home-office and home-to-do-stuffs ; so I wanted to present you the few nailpolishes that I have here in Shanghai, as I gave all my others in France, to all my friends before leaving France.

I have to say, I had a lot…



Now, there are just 10, and this is not that randomely:

  • Maria Galland Paris, number 507, “Le rouge Pavot”, made in France: an awesome rose-red, perfect for the upcoming Spring ! Bought it in my previous beautician place Au Coeur des Soins, in Angers, for all the French people, living in this area, if you are interested (nice interior design, cocooning and very good quality for all the services that are provided there !) ;
  • Innisfree, number 200: a perfect deep red, but close to fushia tones, that I love so much. I bought it in Shanghai, last year and it is really good quality !
  • Essie France, 24 in stiches, vernis smalto: an old rose that I have for a long time now. A gift from my aunt (the same for all the beauty products I receive !) and bought in Monoprix France, for Christmas 2015 ?! Lasting at least 8 days !
  • Two nailpolishes from Miniso, a Japanese brand that I have here in SH, and that is super cheap for pretty much everything. The quality is normal. Around 3 days for a normal manicure: number 18 for this other old rose and number 8 for the taupe.
  • An other Essie, but this time, a multi dimension top coat that I love using as an accent nail, or alone, sometimes… His name is “tassel shaker”.
  • Finally, the four O.P.I that I receive from my bestfriend’s sister on my 25th birthday, just before leaving France… They were together and I don’t remember which collection it is (if you know, let a comment !), but either a special edition for a singer or an edition for a movie… I don’t remember at all, as I throwed away the packaging.


Sorry for the quality of the place where I put them, but … This Is China, guys ! …


Here it is !

I have to say that I love taking time for myself since I am in China, as a normal manicure is less than 10 euro here, and I usually do the semi-permanent on my nails, especially for my fingers, as it lasts at least 3 weeks… For my feet though, I use normal ones. So, I can use these ones or just make it do by a Chinese girl, that are always super nice and teaking care of your fingers and feets above all.

But this will be another topic, about some nice places for beauty in Shanghai. I am still working on it !

Let’s prepare some other nice articles today, as we are going to Hong-Kong from Sunday to Tuesday to renew my tourist visa, before having the working one…

See you,

Don’t hesitate to ask anything about these, I would be glad to answer your questions.

Plus, I wanted to say thank you, as I recently obtained 100 “like” on my blog, not so baby anymore..!





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