Chinese portrait #1: Véronique Lebel, founder of MakeinChina

Hi everyone,

Today, I am coming back to tell you more about my dear friend Véronique Lebel, the founder of MakeinChina, a creative, human and powerful company that I really like.

She would like to be called as a “pure wool” Canadian, married to Mr. Carducci, and I have to say… I love this description !

Here is an example of her workshops, and her creations. I started with this one, “crochet” and it was just awesome. That’s why I decided to support her, for the following.


She is from Québec, studied translation there, then in Mexico and Argentina.

Then, she continued studying communication for the Canadian Government in Québec and in Madrid during one year, where she actually met her husband and then worked for the Canadian Government in Spain, Canada and Italy.

From 2001, she started to work in Italy for 6 years and then for private companies.

Arrived in China in 2007, like Kate, she finally worked for the Lycée Français in Shanghai for 8 years.

In 2016, she launched her workshops and did it under the fantastic name of Make in China.

Below is the QR-code she generated to inform people about her brand, workshops and creations that she is also selling. Don’t hesitate to scan it !


Chinese Portrait of Véronique

If I was an an animal, I would be a cameleon.

If I was a tool, I would be the language, meaning the communication.

If I was an object, I  would be a pencil.

If I was one of Kate’ creations, I would be a Japanese bag.

If I was a premonitory sign, I would be the scent of the candle in the hotel room I spent the night in, for a business event in Italy, when we were deciding about coming or not to China. The name of the candle was Shanghai… So at the moment, we decided to give China a go and start our new life here.

If I was a place, I would be the Toscane, in Italy.

If I was a moment, I would be the end of a day, with a wonderful light, when the sun goes down. The lights would be gold…

If I was a dish/desert, I would be a shortcake, strawberries flavour.

If I was a quality, I would be the respect. And if I was a bad side, I would be stubborn.

If I was a story, I would be a story with unexpected twists and a happy ending.

If I was a movie, I would be a movie from Wes Anderson, with Adrien Brody if possible.



Here she is, surrounded by passionate people, at the same time she is doing her wonderful weavings, that are crazy… and always full !

If I was having dinner with three famous or no, alive or dead people, it would be with Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) for his success and the way he had to manage it ; with Coco Chanel and with my grandmother, as I miss her everyday (she died at the age of 102 and had so much anecodtes to say…).

If I had a magic being/genie in front of me right now, I would like that he realised these 3 dreams:

  • Make that money/economical success doesn’t rule the world anymore ;
  • Be in another country,  and be able to have another life, as being retired in Italy ; but before, going to South America ;
  • With my Love Andrea, do an American roadtrip, starting from Patagonia and reaching to Quebec city and stop everywhere in between ;

And a last one, but not least:

Live from MakeinChina, here in China or somewhere else…


And, That’s it for today …

See you very soon, with the following of our adventures together, as I really love this woman’trepreneur and her wonderful work. Thank you Veronique for trusting me, since the beginning.

I hope we can collaborate soon, for the projects we have in common, […]



More infos:


Make in China
Creative events | Unique objects

Address for the workshops:
288 Hengshan Lu (near Gao’an Lu)
衡山路288号  (近高安路)
Metro: Hengshan Lu


The cost is 400rmb.

Example for the blockprinting: in this 3-hour workshop, we will teach you how to make your own hand carved rubber stamp and how to incorporate your design on stationary and textiles. You will then get your hands dirty and use colorful fabric inks to print on a cotton tote bag. Of course, all the supplies and material will be provided so you can proudly take your piece home! Accompanied with delicious sweets and drinks, our DIY workshops are the perfect occasion to have fun, be inspired and meet other creative people like yourself.

We ask every participant to make a 300rmb deposit to confirm their spot. Please note that due to the cost of material and organization, this deposit is not refundable if you do not attend the event. The rest of the amount (100rmb) can be paid the day of the workshop. Places are limited and will be confirmed only upon receipt of your deposit. Please choose the payment option that is more convenient for you: Alipay, WeChat, cash or bank transfer.


“Life is an Adventure.” She’s part of mine, here in Shanghai.








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