Trends 2017 #2

Hi everyone,

Today, I am still in Hong-Kong and  waiting for my visa to be ready, normally today, from 2:30 pm, if everything is fine.

I didn’t have the motivation to write something long or to difficult, so I will present a new “Trends 2017” article.

Today, I am gonna write about patterns that are trendy and above all that I like, as the trends are to me like decisions you’re having one day and that can be completely different the next day. It is the same with clothes and make-up: some days, I really enjoy making-up and wearing a new dress or just a nice outfit ; but some others, I totally prefer having my basics and wearing comfy clothes…

The Tropical Pattern

Pattern from a client of one of Veronique’s workshop: embroidery.


Trends from Maison du Monde

Already trendy in 2016, this pattern is still up-to-date and I love it ! It can be leaves, palmtrees or just a pelican or a pink flamingo ; I simply enjoy it and think it is perfect with the following patterns.


The leather


As a material but also for my bags/shoes/belts/whatever, I always loved leather, as far as I remember. This has to do with my father, who always taught me to buy long-lasting products, especially for bags, shoes and wallets.

For the interior design, it gives a special impression: vintage and modern at the same time ; nice to mix it with industrial elements or with the following colour: rose gold.


Rose gold colour


As a colour, I always loved the pink colour. Then, for jewellery, I always prefered the gold colour ; and then, for my rings, the rose gold colour (like for my fiancée-ring).

Then, I always found it beautiful, especially on my skin, which is too yellowish for wearing silver or just goldy-gold jewellery.

In the interior design, it is perfect, mixed with leather, and also with other furnitures like wood-furnitures and woody objects.




Wood furnitures


As an interior designer in-process, I always loved wood as material. For our first flat and until know, we always chose wood furnitures and woody objects to decorate our home, as it gives this cosy impression and a feeling of security, as this is also a long-lasting material.


Wall hangings / weaving


Trends from Maison du Monde


And… That’s It.. !

Let me know what you think about these trends, if you have them at home or not (yet !). I would be pleased to know more about you, guys and girls.


Roseline ❤





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