[My very first article for That’s It Magazine]

Hello again, everyone !

Today, you’re gonna have 2 articles (!), as my magazine just published my very first article for them… The very first, and the one, which made me join the team…

I am so proud and grateful for having this opportunity and it gives me more motivation and self-confidence for the following…

I really hope you’ll enjoy it !

Let me know in the comments below, please. It would be awesome to read your opinion about it, guys and girls.

Roseline ❤


Biplate – A Plate that reduces fat from your meal

Biplate: Lose Weight By Reducing Fat From Your Food.

You’ve just arrived in Shanghai, and the first thing you’ve noticed is that Chinese food is very greasy. And when you decide to stay and home to cook your favourite pesto pasta or chicken  you notice that it is just as hard to avoid the high amount of oil used and calories consumed.

You are also someone who does not have a particularly healthy lifestyle -as a proof, your registration to the gym is still in your 2016 and now 2017 bucket-list. You just would like to cook and reduce your calorie intake but not by changing your eating habits, because you have to admit that you don’t want to reduce your cheese consumption or give up your weekly Burger Monday!

Here is the solution: Biplate is a great tool that looks like a normal plate, with something that resembles a 4-leaf-clover in the middle, constituted of small collecting pockets that are here to reduce the oil of all of your meals, even if you think your cooking is not that greasy. As you may know, the bad cholesterol is in everything (you like) and this plate helps you to realise that the lipids are everywhere and above all, not necessary.

Biplate - the "4-leaf-clover" that sucks up the oil.

Biplate – the “4-leaf-clover” that sucks up the oil.

With this plate, you can reduce up to 32 Kcal per meal, that means 90 Kcal a day and 10 lbs of fat a year!

Plus, this tool is shatterproof, heat/cold-resistant as well as dishwasher safe, which means means it’s very similar to your normal dishes. If you are wondering if the plastic composition is safe, be reassured because Biplate is also FDA approved and BPA free!

Biplate - what it looks like.

Biplate – what it looks like.

Finally, you can find it on the fundraising platform of Indiegogo at the early bird price of $39 USD (+shipping cost, also available internationally) for the first 200 backers. If you would wait until the official launch of the plate in March 2017, it will cost you less ($19). Many offers are available for couples, families and friends on their indiegogo profile.


And… That’s it!


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