Our 3-Days Hong-Kong trip #1

Hello everyone,

Today, as promised on my Instagram account, I am gonna write about my 3-days-trip in HK.

On Sunday, we woke up at 5am

and then prepared ourselves to go to the Pudong International Airport with the first train in the morning ;

Then, arrived at the airport, we took our tickets and registered our 2 luggages and then went through the Security and Immigration Departments.

After having met the Immigration Police, we could finally go to the check-in at our gate. A cup of Starbucks later, we went on board but our flight has been delayed and around an hour later, we finally took off.

3 hours later, we arrived in Hong-Kong and went again through the Immigration Services. From this moment on, for me: I was outside of the country and not allowed to go back home anymore – as you might not be aware of this, Hong-Kong is not considered as China Mainland but as another country in Asia-.

So, I went there to renew my tourist visa and then to be able to receive my working visa on time.

We took the public buses to go directly to the hotel, after having withdrawed some HK dollars and a French-fries portion.

We arrived in the Grand Harbour Hong-Kong Hotel around 4:30 pm and relaxed until the evening: bath, snacks, and a walk in the hotel until 8 pm, when we decided to have dinner in the International Buffet for a “All-you-can-eat” in order to have some fresh seafood (lobster, shrimps, sashimis and Chili blue mussels, etc), plus a variety of fruits, deserts and of course some dumplings and Asian dishes for the main courses. To finish, we had a cup of tea/coffee and went again for an evening walk inside the hotel. Different floors with different services to prepare our next days in HK, as I really would like to go the swimming-pool and to the gym center.

And … That’s It for Sunday !


See you later, guys and girls,

Don’t hesitate to ask any question about the visa policy or about Asia, in general ; as I already have had 4 different visas pour China, and as my working visa will be the 5th on the list…


Roseline ❤



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