Hao bu Hao #1

Hao – 好

  • Veronique‘s blockprinting workshop:

    It was just awesome ! A wonderful technique that I thought was more for kids but finally loved doing and creating my own stamps ; and still doing it after the 3-hours workshop, as all the material is provided, such as the homemade breaskfast…

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Don’t hesitate to check the “MakeinChina” FB page, to know more about the workshops or to see more events and pictures.


  • Hong-Kong with my Love:

As you saw on my blog or on my social medias, we spent 3 days for renewing my tourist visa ; before receiving the working one, at the end of March/beginning of April. It was a nice time there, and great to discover this city ; but I have to say that we didn’t spend a lot of time to do the perfect tourists, and our list has not been ticked a lot either. But anyway, I might have to come back there very soon, for this so expected working visa… Stay tuned !


  • New objectives:

    Since I arrived in China, and as I already told you here or there, I have a lot of different opportunities: personal, professional or others. And to me, the most important about this adventure in China, is to accomplish what I always wanted to ; but what was impossible to do in France or just too hard to be motivated enough.

Now that I am here, I know I can do big things. And I don’t want to let it go ; I just want to enjoy each meeting/workshop/jobtime/etc to have more and more experience, not only professional but also in international education or management etc.

I know that everything is possible here. And that I have everything to succeed. Stay tuned for the next projects I am working on…!



  • Discovering new places in Shanghai:

As you might also know, I love discovering new places in Shanghai, especially coffeeshops ; markets and above all, places I never went before and others that even Chinese people don’t know in their own city..! It is exactly what I did several times ; and I have another objective for that, haha.

The first place is a nice coffeeshop in Hengshan Lu, called 5 Space, on the 3rd floor of a clothes shop and I have to say, this is very comfortable: you can read and drink a cup of whatever you want and you can also buy books there ! Love it ; and that’s why 2 weeks ago, I brought T. and M. there, to spend a nice Sunday evening there, me blogging and them laughing about Youtube videos

The other one I wanted to speak about, is actually a market that even Chinese people don’t seem to know: there, you can 1) be lost easily ; 2) find every notebook you’re looking for/ animal’s erasers/pens/pencils/colourful papers/tools/brushes/etc. This is my friend Cathleen, another woman’trepreneuse you’re gonna meet very soon, whe brought me there. And we spent a so nice and funny time there, asking for everything in Chinese, even for technical objects we need for our workshops together ! Can’t wait to bring my fiancé there, this weekend or later !

  • Being independant and loving it:

Since I quit my previous teaching job, I spend the whole mornings working from home and sometimes, also the complete afternoons. I have so many projects in my mind, that I need to write down, that it doesn’t even affect me, not to see people for one day or two, except my fiancé, of course… I love being alone and listening to music in the morning ; doing some stuff for home and preparing my classes or my day/week/month/year/… on my bullet journal or somewhere else…

That’s for this reason that I decided to be part-time at home, even if I will get my full-time very soon ; I still have hours to complete my week and I am preparing so great things with friends and just for myself…

I am now so happy to be the person I wanted to be/stay: entrepreneur ; goal-driver and more than open-minded.

Bu Hao – 不好

  • Waiting, and waiting again for my working visa:

As you have certainly understood, it is already been more than one year that I am looking for a full-time job in Shanghai, since the moment I came back home after my first trip and month to and in Shanghai last year. Already one year that I started to contact the different schools in this city, and I am almost sure, now, that I wrote to all of them: bilingual, international, French, English and Montessori ones, etc. I also tried to meet some independant people, who created their own companies, as they didn’t find the right school for them ; and this is one of them which is my future workplace.
Another problem I had to face when I was looking for a job in China, was the fact I am not a native English speaker and that I don’t speak “American” (sic !) ; so, even at the Jobsfair I went in November and where I found my first part-time teaching job, it has always been an issue and the salary was not that high, even though I have this Master Degree in Education, and majored in Primary School Teaching plus several experiences and other trainings.

Bref, I know the good news are coming soon, maybe sooner than expected ; and on this Day, I know I will be so grateful and happy to finally celebrate it, with the people I love here, in Shanghai.

  • Have no more students in the meantime:

Being a tutor means a lot of things in China. As education is a business, the parents pay a lot for having a private tutor at home, anytime (even on Sundays !). So, I had to say yes to a lot of them, to be sure to have enough at the end of the month. Therefore, I was not receiving a lot from my company, as the travels were not refund and as my hourly rate was very low, compared to native English speakers but though, non-professional people in the educationnal field… So, little by little, and even they respected me more than French parents in France, I lost all my students, because as they pay, parents think they can decide to change the teacher anytime, without any reason or just because it has been a while that you were teaching their kids (3 months…).

  • Not being the friend I would like to be:

I recently realised I was not the right friend for a lot of them. Not that I have a lot of friends, but I am never the right person with the right personality or the right expressions at the right time…

It is so frustrating but at the same time, it means a lot to me. And I don’t want to change everything in my personality ; so I decided to only write to the people I want and above all, when I want it, as I know me and my values.

  • Living in a shared appartment:

Living in a shared appartment is not a real problem to me. But recently, as we have had different problems to solve by ourselves, as we cannot count on anyone here, I decided to look for another place, where only my fiancé and me would live. It is still in process, as I am waiting for my new workcontract ; but definitely, we will move out soon, and I am planning to share it with you, with articles and maybe some vlogs, if you’re interested in it… Let me know in the comments ! I thought it would be interesting to show you how it works, here, in China !

  • Being so skinny:

As you may have noticed, I am not that big… I’ve always been skinny and always criticised for this reason. I never cared. But now that I recently lost pounds again, I decided to start to eat more and at more regular hours, etc. If you’re also interested in the methods I am using to get 5 more kilos, let me know.


I hope you enjoyed this new category, inspired by one of the several magazines for expatriate people in Shanghai,

See you !







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