Bullet Journaling #1

Hello everyone,

Today, I am coming back with a new category on my blog, that is to say: bullet journaling.

As a big fan and inconditionnal of organisation in my life, I started this kind of journal long time ago, long time before this new trend of bullet-journaling. As far as I remember, I’ve always decorated my agendas, since the age of 10, I guess. My mother helped me to do this and then, my friends, like Constance who was definitely one of the most creative friends I’ve ever had.

It could have been with stickers, pens and pencils from all shapes, colours and sizes, … We always found what to use and what to do with it. At this time, we were also collecting postcards from everywhere, the stickers of our favourite brands, and also the things that came with the clothes we were buying together…

Cinema tickets or just a simple petal of flower ; the bus ticket to go to our favourite shopping mall in Dijon or the paper around the chocolates for Christmas, everything was source of inspiration ! Even our presentations about Germany, when we were in the Middle School were actually more 2/3 of our time about decoration and colouring everything…

We did it during our Thursday’s lunch at her home, as a routine, or just to have fun together. I really have good memories about this time with Her…

I have to say, she is still one of my very very close friends, we know each other for more than 15 years now… Waouh !

I hope she can come and visit soon,

But for the moment, let me show you my new bullet journal, as my first one has been finished in 2 months…


After the introduction pages is also coming my Index pages, and this time, I let 3 pages free for it, as I didn’t have enough last time and as my notebook doesn’t have any numbered pages. I am not even sure to write them, maybe I will just write the titles but not the page…


These pages are coming after: the March page, then the monthly gratitudes in-progress page and then a new page that I found on one of the numerous videos I watched yesterday…


Then, after the Future Log I did for each month, separating my pages in three parts ; we arrive to the Monthly Log for March, the related Tasks and the first Weekly, as I just started my new bullet journal yesterday.

I also did several trackers to track: 1) my habits ; 2) my expenses and 3) my statistics, since I am spending more time to develop my blog and related activities.


Last but not least (for the moment !), I have different pages about the things I care: unfinished business that absolutely needs to be done before the end of the year, – I found this idea on Boho Berry Youtube channel, as she is the Queen for Bullet Journaling– ; and another category for my different projects about my expatriate life, here in Asia


And… That’s It for today,

Let’s keep doing it or starting one if you still don’t have one, it is so useful that I cannot do without anymore… And this, even if I still have my 2 other agendas: a personal one and a professionnal one.

See you,






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