Chinese portrait #2: Cathleen Gay-Hamon, founder of KbyKate

If you’d ask me how is the new woman’trepreneuse I am presenting this week, I would answer something like:

” You know this woman who has a gong at home, a meditation place under the roof and who has collected thousand of souvenirs from everywhere, even from places she never went to, as she is a big fan of Japan ?”

Mixed with personal, friends’ and other’s creations, she invited me home yesterday morning; and I have to say, it was one of the priceless moments I’ve ever lived in Shanghai, since I arrived here, almost 7 months ago now…

One of her creations, her Chinese home...
And here, her Chinese family.

Smiling, and also with her blue eyes, she is one of my closest friends in China ; even if it’s just been since the beginning of this year that we’re in contact. As with Veronique, I am feeling so safe and good with her, it is like a maternal person, but in a creative way and I love being with her. We talk freely together and even from personal stuff, as we both know we will not be judged or whatever.

The main problem, as I have to mention it, is that she will leave Shanghai soon...

Bref, let’s start with the Chinese portrait I did from her, on this day we met with Veronique, to do these interviews.




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