The Only make-up Products you Need

“The beauty world can be completely overwhelming. With new launches everyday, it’s impossible to know which products you really need.” – Lily Pebbles



  1. One nude lipstick, exactly the shade of my lips, but in a better way. This is the one of Kate Moss, for Rimmel, the number 104.
  2. One black mascara for the volume, as I am lucky to already have long and dark eyelashes. This is from Maybelline, and as far as I remember, I always bought this brand for cheap and “sensational” mascaras, as you can find them pretty much everywhere.
  3. A concealer/corrector for undereye and blemishes. Normally, I choose one more powerful, but as it is almost (?!) Spring, I went for a more luminous one but less covering. This one is from Bourjois, but I still don’t have an opinion on it, as I just finished my favourite one ever, the wonderful Double Wear from Estee Lauder. This concealer is in the shade 01 called Ivory.
  4. A creamy eyeshadow that can do almost everything: eyeshadow (of course) but also liner/eyeliner. It is one from Laura Mercier, and I love it ! The shade is Khaki and its name is “Caviar Stick Eye Colour”.
  5. A 3-in-1 blush/bronzer/eyelighter  which is from the beloved brand Kiko, that I am really using everyday ; as it is easy to use and the shades perfect for my skin, anytime. I just mix the three colours together (Shade Fusion Trio Blush 02).
  6. A transluscent powder from Rimmel, the Stay Matte, that I am using to powder my undereyes and my complete face after the concealer or the BB-cream or whatever. This one is not wonderful but it does the job and I have to admit, it is pretty cheap .. !
  7. A primer for my eyelids. This is a simply Pro Longwear Paintpot from MAC, and I bought it more than 3 years ago now… I know this is not good to keep the products for a long time, but I wasn’t wearing eyeshadows all the time and I completely forgot it… It is very useful and it gives a shiny/luminous aspect to my eyelids, before the eyeshadows or just alone. I have the shade Bare Study.
  8. An eyebrow kit from L’Oréal Paris, the Brow Artist – Genius Kit  where there is wax and powder inside, with a tiny brush, very convenient ! I love using it since I changed my haircolour recently, and that I have darker hair roots now.


And… That’s It for today,

I hope you enjoyed it ; and let me know in the comments below what you couldn’t live without, what is about beauty, and especially makeup.




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