OKRA Handmade – Islands of Jewelry

Mauritius Handmade jewelry using crystals, sea uchin, stones, wood and more natural elements. Beach, surf, coconut tree, waves, dragonflies, breeze.

Julie PANG, Founder & Dreamer of OKRA Handmade


I am a Mauritian jewellery designer cradled since birth in an environment that nurtured organic designs: ant trails, gecko prints, the microcosms contained in a handful of sand. I love the idea of being able to craft art from scratch: OKRA Handmade, my jewellery lable launched in December 2013, is the culmination so far of my creative drive. My jewellery fuses elements of my natural heritage, from coconut and seashells to earthy crystals and stones, cut and moulded into Art Nouveau forms.

I am currently living in Shanghai, experiencing a fast-paced lifestyle so different from home. Such a stark contrast helps me to immerse myself in and draw upon memories of my island, infusing China’s design scene with Mauritian gifts of nature. I find that travelling is my main source of inspiration, however each place I visit is an aesthetic treasure trove. Different fragments of nature from around the world creates a narrative of beauty in each piece I am lucky to create.


Her personal space

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

As she is renting and sharing a place with some others “cool designers” 😉 , she needs to decorate and bring everything into the room, to feel at ease and inspired. So, she decided to relocate everything at her home, to feel more safe/confident/confortable with all the things which make her feel more in an artistic vibe.

The necklace I have chosen

This is the necklace called the Bee amulet, and I am really wearing it as an amulet, every day with every top I have ; as I love the design, the colours, the stones but also the sensations it provides me, when I am having it around my neck. It is just something you never want to lose and above all, you never want to take off & that you don’t want to damage, as it is as precious as a treasure…

Price in CNY : 261.15  that is to say around 36 euro.

Behind a founder and dreamer: a team work

Julie is helped by her sister, who is in charge of the pictures and the global design of her website. She has actually two websites: one for her online shop & another one which is her blog. But that’s true that you can find her blog on her online shop, to be clear.

Here are some of the wonderful pictures she has in her collection:

IMG_0130-2 copyIMG_0508-2_webProcessed with VSCO with f1 presetLT8A0218-2-2LT8A0613-2LT8A0784-2LT8A0945-2

And some treasures that Julie is creating & selling:

Processed with VSCO with f1 presetProcessed with VSCO with f1 presetProcessed with VSCO with f1 preset

Don’t hesitate to go on her website & blog and/or to add her on her different social medias:

IG : okrahandmade

FB : www.fb.com/okrahandmade

We Chat : okraadmin

Email : hi@okra.mu

Plus, she has different stockists all around the world: in China (Shanghai, Beijing, etc) and of course, in Mauritius ; but a lot of different nationalities are now aware of Julie’s fabulous work.

If you want to order a necklace or whatever (as everything is just magic !), I have a promo code for you: this is “Roseline” ; and you will get 15% discount at Okra Handmade.

I really fall in love with her wonderful work and in the person of Julie, as she is very passionate and invested in her creations and really nice to the people who are surrounded her.





5 thoughts on “OKRA Handmade – Islands of Jewelry

    1. Thank youuuu Julie ! Really ? Which one do you prefer with this one, and why ?
      Have a beautiful day, too !
      See you at the Common Rare market, on the 9th, as I am working on Saturdays…
      I hope you will have everything, I would like to have more from your collection … ❤


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