Organising, Packing everything & finally Moving Abroad ! #1

My wanderlust

When you decide to change your life, it means a lot.

As a woman likes to change her haircut, when something meaninful happens in her life ; this is not for no reason.

To me, the biggest (positive) change of my life was, of course, to move out to China, to come here and above all, to settle here, in Shanghai.

As I like to remember, I’ve always said and wanted to live abroad, since I was a teenager and since I loved my German classes and the exchanges we had with German people, simple by writing letters or more, by meeting them for real. Babette is, by the way, still of one of my bestfriends and we already met 9 years ago…

From this time on, I started to think a lot about a way to go more often to Germany ; and it worked. Every 2 years, I was going to Berlin, to visit my friend and her family but not only: it was more than that, that is to say to connect with another city, where I was also feeling HOME.

It wasn’t only Berlin, but simply the way of living and the people I met there. It is not especially an easy or easier life there ; this is just different.

Then, as you might know, I studied German for 3 years at the uni and got my Bachelor in 2012. It meant really something to me ; and I have to say, I was proud of it ! Even if people never understood my passion for this country and this culture (the language is part of it) ; I didn’t and still don’t care about it ; as I know for which reasons this is “meine Heimat”.

I was so passionate about it ; and so enthusiastic each time I knew I would go back there, that even my uncle thought I had a German boyfriend, haha. Even if Mine is “blond” with blue eyes, he is not !

Anyway, this feeling and these emotions I had there were making me so happy and grateful for everything I was living…

Moving to China

Moving to China meant a lot too, as we couldn’t go there together, at the beginning. It meant a separation, a physical one but though, a mental one too.

After nights and days of speaking/crying/worrying/wondering/… we finally said YES to this crazy adventure ; even if it wasn’t (at the first sight) not the right moment to do it, for several reasons.

So, Mister went first ; and I came almost one year later, 9 months exactly.

It wasn’t a simple decision, as we both knew, we always wanted to live abroad ; but when you decide it is different than when you say it at a dinner or just without even thinking about the consequences.

Technically, this is not that difficult ; as you just need to get rid of your stuff and then, you choose your favourites in each domain and then, here it is !

The main difficulty was that China is not one of the European countries ; and so, that China means also a visa…

Here it is… The visa stories. I don’t want to go too deep into the details ; but really, if I have one advice to give is to think first about this huge administrative stuff you’re gonna do, after your decision.

Even it really worths it, you need to know that, as an expatriate, you’re not gonna be immediatly rejected by your own country, but you won’t be integrated at the same time in your new society, if you know what I mean. I’ve always wondered why we, Europeans, we are considered as “expatriates”, and then ; they are considered as “migrants” in France, for example…

Anyway, after months & months of researches and phoning/emailing/sending resumes/etc, I have to admit that I really feel what can feel a foreigner, as he is not in his country, even if he has the right of it ! A green paper or whatever will never gives you this HOME feeling ; it will just help you to feel at the right place, at the right moment.

To me, and even if I am still waiting for my new visa: the working one ; nothing is better than to read and to listen to people who already experienced this way of living.

Being HOME everywhere or nowwhere, that’s the question I am constantly struggling with… But this will be the topic of another article on this serie.


I hope you enjoyed it, as I really opened my heart and wrote without any thoughts about it before. Just writing to share with you, guys and girls.

If anyone has already experienced this way of life, here or there ; it would mean the world to me if you could let a comment and share your opinion/experience.

Thanks for following me, wherever I am going & wherever I will decide to go .. 😉

See you soon,








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