Our 3-days-in HK trip #2

Hello everyone,

I am coming back today to keep writing about our trip in HK. If you remember well, you’ll know that we went there mid-March to renew my tourist visa, waiting for the working one […].

Anyway, I am here today to share more pictures about our trip, and in a new format, as I will talk about several topics in this article ; so I hope you’ll enjoy it (and also as this is the last day of the month, and as I have a personal record to beat, speaking about “views” on this blog..!) [“Les vrais savent !”]



Pretty casual and a dress with flowers from Zara to mix it with Nike sneakers when we had the opportunity to go out, but always with my pale pink backpack from Miniso ! But most of the time, I was wearing the sweater of Thomas, and I loved it, as I was feeling a bit sick, after having too much eaten at the International Brunch of our hotel .. !



As you might now and as HK is located more in the South East of China, it was really hot there ! Even in March, you can feel this humidity and be sweating very quickly… By the way, I had the chance to be barelegs at one time, but also for the first time of the Spring Season (even if it wasn’t technically spring yet !).


During this 3-days-stay in HK, we went mainly to the restaurants of the 5 Stars Grand Harbour Hotel ; but also went to Vietthai, a very nice place where you can -of course- eat Vietnamese and Thai-food ! An all-you-can-eat on the first evening in the hotel with a lot of seafood, some sandwiches and salads from EAT, plus many cups of coffee/tea here or there, and in our beloved Starbucks but also in the lounge of the hotel ; and here it was.



I don’t even remember if I ever noticed this on my blog before -maybe in French !-, but I have what we call “travel sickness” and I have to say: this is not that funny, as we are expatriates and as we love travelling everywhere ; AND that in China, you mainly travel by plane !

HONG-KONG International Airport, by night in the taxi

To go to HK, we spent almost 3 hours in the plane (as they are always delayed !). Therefore, you have to know that for HK, this is crazy. The main reason is … Wait for it ! That Hong-Kong doesn’t belong to China ! So, Chinese people prefer to let people come, from every place of the world, but not from HK. So, we had to wait, wait and wait. To go and to return home.

VISITING (not so much…)

As we spent most of our time to do paperworks for my new visa in the visa center, we haven’t had time to do Victoria Peak or the 1000 Buddhas trek, even if we really wanted to… We just took pictures from the bus and during our few trips after receiving my passport back, but on the same day we had to go back home.



What I absolutely LOVE about China…


And here it is… ! […] The final article about our trip to HK !

I really enjoyed this city, even if it is totally different from Shanghai ;

And I hope I will come back just for Tourism, and not only for another “Visa Story“… !

Stay tuned to know more about it & about my future Travels, as we already planned a lot…





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