Bullet Journaling #2 : also a Business Tool

Hi everyone,

After 3 days without Internet, running everywhere to catch up some wifi (but everyone seemed to have the same idea !), I am back from one of the Starbucks surrounding our current Home.

As you might have noticed, I wanted to start a serie with the addiction I have to my Bullet Journal. It is already the second one for me and maybe for this reason, I don’t manage to write on it the same way as before. I like experimenting and experiencing new weeklies and new dailies, such as new ideas to decorate it or just to express and summarize my ideas.

The Bullet Journal as a Tool

More than an agenda and a mix between a weelkly agenda and the several notebooks I always had with me and usually in my handbag, I have to say this is the perfect mix and match.

Right now, I am still doing what I presented here but I discovered some new ways to do my weeklies, as this is the main schedule I am using to organise and plan my daily life. Then, I also use my “to-do” ; but I don’t really succeed in tracking my activities, even if I write only the stuffs I am doing… I don’t really see the point tracking them. 

Business speaking, and as I am preparing a BIG & main personal project plus others smaller, I absolutely need to know and to be aware of what I already did. And as I don’t have the Digital experience or the Markting & Communication background, in opposite to my friend Veronique, I have to work hard on it but am also helped and fully supported by my Love ! 🙂 Thanks to Him, by the way. We worked on the branding part today…

The Bullet Journal as a Business Tool

In my daily life, I am writing on it all the time. Constantly starting from the first page -which is actually not the first page, if you read me properly- I choose a different pen to add my remarks and ticks on the different pages. Then, I start a new page and write either a “to-do-list” or a completely different text. It might be a Wishlist or a quote ; ideas for my Blog or for my projects.

Furthermore, I like to add my articles for the magazine I am working for, as a freelance Editorialist Writer ; or the ones for expat.com.

What my personal business concerns, I am doing some tables and boards ; designing my business cards and my own logo and creating the stuff I am creating (sorry for the unclear explanations, as I prefer not to talk about something until the time it will be finished and released).

What I think my Bullet Journal will be for the Future

Still using it for my Business and/but also for my personal ideas. Maybe more about Design and more like one of my favourite apps : Pinterest ; I think I am gonna find the right notebook for it and maybe give a try to the famous Leuchtturm 1917I can actually pronounce it !– to have my Index and the pages already marked and especially the dots on the pages, to help for tables, or just to draw some lines.


What I consider as an ideal Bullet Journal

To me, it has to be functionnal and convenient first. Then, it can be decorated but noone has to, as it is not necessary to see what is planned and how it is coming so far.

I personally like it very colourful and full of my ideas and with some pictures, business cards and additional souvenirs.


I hope you enjoyed this article, give it a like if you enjoyed it & I will keep you updated for the following of my Bullet Journal stories.

If you like it, I could share more doodles or pages with you ; I might create a hashtag on Instagram for it.

See you,

& have a good week, as we had 3 days off, here in China !






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