SHANGHAI DESIGN : 2017 Edition

Hi everyone,

As you might have known, I am currently working for a Magazine, in addition to my main job as a French Teacher for Prelude.

This magazine is called: That’s It Magazine ; and it is pretty much about everything we like and would like to share (lifestyle, fashion, beauty, new technologies, etc).

For this online magazine, I already went to several events and will also take part to the upcoming SHANGHAI FASHION WEEK 2017 !! I am sooo excited about it ; I can’t wait to share everything with you, guys and girls !

But for today, it is about the previous event I went to: Shanghai Design 17′ !

Let’s share my experience there & some designers I personally met !



Shanghai Design, the biggest international design event in Asia, kicked off on Wednesday at Shanghai Exhibition Center. It gathers designs from the famous Bernardaud, with his balloon animals, and especially the pink doggy. The super trendy Balloon Dog was actually created by Jeff Koons in the Celebration serie in the early 90’s. Its designer wanted to celebrate some significant events in life, such as birthday parties when you are a child. They are always colorful, simple and happy at the same time; this is a very special atmosphere. They are made in stainless steel, covered by a transparent varnish of colour.  This dog is fixed to a porcelain plate, which gives you this mirror effect.


Then were also present several lighting sculptures designed by the Dutch Brand Van Egmond. He is a specialist in lighting design and an international trendsetter in exclusive handcrafted decorative lighting. When he did this brand and its identity, he wanted to “create art without restraints.” His inspiration comes from his studies in architecture and worked for other creators like Louis Vuitton, Chopard and Neuhaus. He is famous for his lamp collection “Love you love you not”. “The rose, while the icon of love, also symbolizes the thin line between love gained and love lost.”, as the designer likes to describe his creations below.






Other impressive lighting unique objects are the ones from Zaha Hadid, which was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004 and “internationally known for her built, theoretical and academic work” as it is written on her collection leaflet. She also guest professorships at numerous universities around the world including Columbia, Harvard, Yale and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Her leitmotiv was to link architecture and urbanism to landscape and geology, as her creations integrates “natural topography and human-made systems” in order to contribute to the innovation in the new technologies as well. Plus, as she is on the list of the “100 Most Influential People in the World”, according to the TIME Magazine, I had to speak about her and present you some of her and her architect’s creations:


Last but not least was rochebobois furniture from France. Well-known as one of the best quality for sofas and chairs in the world for more than 50 years now, you cannot miss it.


Ethnicraft from Belgium is a minimalist brand producing furniture in wood, either from oak trees or from Indonesian teak. Both are good quality and very beautiful in their simplicity: long tables for a living-room or desks for the entrepreneur who is in you, you can find everything you (would) like for your home. This wood makes you feel very comfy and it gives a very warm atmosphere in general.


Other small designers tend to make themselves known, such as aida for its childish designs on several mugs and dishes or also Rob Pepper for his skylines from all over the world, on postcards or framed (Shanghai and Hong-Kong on the pictures below).


Shanghai Skyline
Hong-Kong Skyline

And… That’s it for Shanghai Design Edition 2017 !








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