Throwback my biggest opportunity in China !

As you might have noticed, I am really active on my Social Medias, since I arrived in Shanghai, but this is not only because I like sharing ; it is also because living in this city has given me much more opportunities than before.

What are the opportunities you’re talking about, exactly ?

It all started by going to the Jiaotong University, in the Campus of Xuhui ; and I went there every day, even sometimes on Saturday and Sunday (to catch up holiday time ! Yes, this is CHINA !). As it was either on the morning or in the afternoon, I had a lot of time to spend somewhere else. First, I had to practice my Chinese by reading, listening and writing my caracters for the next days, as we also had dictations ; but it wasn’t enough to kill my time !

So I started to look after a part-time job (even if it is not allowed in China, when you’re holding a Student Visa !) and went to several famous websites for expatriate people but didn’t find really what I wanted. As the educational field is a business here in China, but especially in Shanghai, I found some classes but wasn’t confident, as I didn’t really speak Chinese yet ! But then, at the end of November, I went to this Jobsfair in the GrandSwissHotel of my city, and directly met several HR, really interested in my profile. Step by step, I did an interview and the next day, I was having my first one-to-one English class with Uno, a 5-years-old Chinese girl ! I will always remember that.

Teaching here was really a different experience than in France (but I will speak about it another time !) ; but I also had other opportunities in the Fashion/Beauty industry, to do some photoshootings and videoshootings.

By the way, my university provided me The Most Unbelievable Opportunity of My Life: do a catwalk for the main show in Asia but international, the second one after the Superbowl !

I finally took part of it, for the Spring Festival Gala 2017, broadcasted Live on the first Chinese channel, that is to say the CCTV 1, but also on all the other channels, on the 27th of January, from 8 pm until midnight

How was it ?

Here are some pictures from the Show, but I have to say it was the best and the worst experience to me, in China ; as we were top-models and had personal hairdressers, make-up artists, etc but also as we had to rehearse every single day of January, from 12 until more than midnight, more than once every two or three days. But I have to admit, the result was … unexpected but incredible ! Meeting the famous Chinese singer Coco Lee, Yaoming (the Chinese basketball player) & the CCTV-team was really nice.

My Qipao girls & me, rehearsing outside !
My Italian friend Greta & me, wearing our Qipao.
The Oriental Pearl Tower of Shanghai (Pudong)
One of my wonderful (and tiny) friends for the show !
Taking pictures, again & again !
Wishing Happy Birthday to our friend Adriana 🙂
When the makeup says “Good Bye !”
My Love & me : casual style VS Qipao/Chinese style

What are the other opportunities you have here in Shanghai ?

Then, I joined That’s It Magazine for this crazy adventure, which made me write again and more often on this blog !

[ If you’re interested, here is the link of one of the last articles, about the Shanghai Fashion Week we’re covering, by the way: = ]


Plus, I also recorded my voice for the last voice assistant by Samsung: Bixby ! If you know more about it, I don’t mean I recorded the voice which will be released ; but, I recorded my voice in different situtations to make sure it could recognize any voice asking for a service by saying “Hi Bixby” or “Hey Bixby”  !


Then, I also go to castings for photoshootings & others. I meet very interesting people and go to workshops all the time (as you already know !), more often to creative events like this weekend to the Industrial Bloom Fest, where all the entrepreneurs I like were (except my Dear Friend Kate from KbyKate !). It was awesome and I really enjoy going there ; secretly hoping that I will join one of them, one day…

WeChat Image_20170410191947

WeChat Image_20170410192609WeChat Image_20170410191957

WeChat Image_20170410192153

WeChat Image_20170410192600

WeChat Image_20170410192605

WeChat Image_20170410192552

WeChat Image_20170410192556

WeChat Image_20170410192059

WeChat Image_20170410192003

WeChat Image_20170410192512

WeChat Image_20170410192043

WeChat Image_20170410192206
I LOVE this picture of us, Véronique !



Stay tuned for the following !







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