Get prepared for the Shanghai Fashion Week ’17 !

Tomorrow is the Big Day for me, as I am taking part of one of the shows from the Shanghai Fashion Week, 2017 Edition ; and I will also have access to the different showrooms & places, where the topmodels and journalists are, as an Editorial Writer for That’s It Magazine !

So, let’s get ready with me for it !


What to wear ?

A long black skirt, high heels and a laced body under a nice jean jacket to announce the summer time !

With which accessories ?

An it-bag, big round sunglasses & (never too much !) jewellery.

And which makeup ?

An extravagant or, at least, non-common make-up, with purple tones & of course (a lot of ) highlighter ; always to catch up the sun (or the light of the cameras !) for some pictures that might be everywhere…

What else ?

  • Paying attention to the details !


Prepare it at least 2 days in advance: scrubbing ; multi-masking & hydratation.


Hydratation is the key ! With a mix of natural oils, especially on the ends, to prevent for dryness.


Go to the manicurist to do both: a mani & a pedi. And why not try the last address, given by a friend on one of the numerous WeChat groups for foreigners in China !


  • Don’t hesitate to be original, as there is a Style Competition as

    That’s it Magazine is holding an exclusive competition for its readers. We want you to send us your best SFW looks to our Wechat account and the top 10 will be featured in a special SFW street style post. It will then be up to the readers to decide the top 5 who will each receive a That’s it Magazine custom designed T-shirt. The deadline is midnight on the 16th April 2017 and remember the more fabulous the better !”.



And if you still don’t have enough inspiration, don’t hesitate to go and have a look at the link below, to know how to rock Shanghai Fashion Week !


See you tomorrow, guys and girls !




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