Eyebrows on fleek ! with Ema, founder of Esthète Paris

Hello again !

For the Fashion Week of Shanghai, but not only, don’t forget to take care of yourself, and more especially of your eyebrows !

My Eyebrows, Before & After

As you might have noticed, I let them grow again after a while, having them not really like I wanted, I liked them natural, even if I had to wax them, sometimes.

But now, thanks to the wonderful work of Ema, a French girl, who has just recently arrived in Shanghai, I still have these natural eyebrows, but more defined and lifted than before, what gives to my look a more feminine style.



Ema is not only doing Eyebrowshaping but also Browcreation for those, who need it, at different levels. With the use of the semi-permanent pigments, she litteraly transforms your brows in the shape you want, but always in a natural way and above all, in a shape which matches with your face and its segments/curves/etc. Microblading or Ombré are the two techniques she is using, depends on what you ask for, but both techniques are manual techniques.



Which other services does she provide ?

As she is able to do a complete makeover, she is also specialised in the eyes, to give you a deep glance, with other semi-permanent solutions, such as the Eye-line creation. Five eye-styles are possible, you just have to choose the effect you want to have and she will help you to decide which one you should go for.




Then, she is also taking care of your lips by doing Lip creation, that means either for shaping or colouring, or even both ! Like everything she is doing, her nudes are custom-mades and so, suit every skincolour, no matter the palette of colours your skin seems to have ! The effect will be matte, still to appear more natural.



Why should I go there ?

It is not only about Beauty and superficial stuff ; it might also be for correcting any assymetry in your eyes/eyebrows. Plus, as you know, taking care of hisself is always a good idea ; but sometimes it is also difficult to trust someone, concerning our face, and especially our eyebrows ! Personally, I never felt comfortable going to wax them and did them alone for a while.

With Ema, though ; it is a super nice experience, as she really considering what you’re asking to her, and I know she will never do something you don’t want or just dislike (like make your eyebrows too thin or whatever) !

With her international experience and her kindness, she is able to provide very good services and never insisted when I asked her to come and to meet her : she never had any aggressive marketing with me ; and her natural style, such as her love for beautiful things inspired me & simply, convinced me !

Below are some other awesome Before & After, to show you how impressive her work is !


Where to find her ?

Ema is currently sharing her workspace with the tatto-artist Danny Ink. Their studio is located :

71 Huating Lu, house number 8 / 华亭路71弄8号

You can reach them by taking the subway Line 7, until Changshu Lu, Exit 1. Then, it is not more than 10 minutes walking.


Don’t hesitate to go there for a consultation & if you say hello from me, you can also get a discount of 20% with the code “roselineslifestyle20” on the semi-permanent and microblading (but not for the Browshaping) !


WeChat : EmaBououden

Instagram : EstheteParis

Facebook : EstheteParis


Many Thanks to Ema, for her great Browshaping & also her smile and kindness. You’re another Woman’trepreneuse in Shanghai…. And you Rock … !






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