Beauty Wishlist #1

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I wrote my last article / poem about my Love ; but we were actually moving out and I was also starting my new job, full-time.

Then, as I have my own bathroom now, some ideas and products came back to my mind, mostly seen on the Youtube channel of “Le Blog de Néroli”, a French blogger, based in the wonderful mountains, close to the Swiss borders. Actually, she has kind of the same skintype as I have and usually, the skincare products she recommends also fit to my skin. I also think she has a very fine taste, what about the shades and tones of her make-up products…

Bref, as you might have noticed, I pretty much like her and what she does. Plus, she recently had her first baby Inès, and I had to say Congrats ! again (after having said it several times on her different medias).

I hope you’ll enjoy this first edition of my Beauty Wishlist, even if I still didn’t use Photoshop, as I still can’t install it on my computer, as I still have too much pictures/documents on it to install anything…

Wishlist Beauty #1


I hope that I will come back more often, especially after this crazy month of March, when I wrote several articles a week.

Let me know if you have any suggestions in the comments below or on my Social Medias linked directly on my Blog.


Stay tuned !




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