My first Siam Reiki experience

It’s been a while that I wanted to do more about self-care and so, tried several things in order to spend more time “with myself“, always trying to find something that was helping my body and my mind at the same time. For this reason, I decided to start yoga again, and I also put my mind in a lot of creatives activities in order to heal, somehow, my spirit, or at least to let it breathe a bit.

What is Siam Reiki ?

Siam Reiki belongs to the “complementary and alternative medicine services, with a holistic approach of health and weelbeing”. It is a self-healing art.

How is a Siam Reiki session ?

Firstly, Sera asked me to lie on a table, and then, she put some crystals at different zones, corresponding to my chakras. Then, she asked me to close my eyes, as she put her hands on me and the energy began to flow my mind lowered into a deeper meditative state. Step by step, I felt more and more relaxed until falling asleep. During the time I was still awake, I could physically feel when it was happening something in my body: something like heat and movements in my body, at some located areas.

When I woke up from my sleep/deep meditation state, I could feel something had happened. Then, Sera asked me some personal questions related to my past, and she explained me a lot of it, concerning my current state of mind and my past pains. As I already noticed it when receiving massages before, we keep a lot in our own physical body and not only in our mind.

Indeed, all the things she could catch up were totally related to one of the 7 chakras we all have inside ourselves. Without giving the personal details, this session helped me to understand that my physical weaknesses were linked to my mental issues, in some way. I know it might seem that I am going too far in the interpretation, but to me, even the surgery I have had 9 years ago (and going back to my birth) can give some clues to understand the person I am, scientifically/biologically, physically and then mentally.

The session lasted more than one hour and less than one and a half hour, as it is totally subjective, depending on the time the practician needs with you.
In another way, Siam Reiki is a similar experience to acupuncture.

What are these chakras ?

As I just said before, we all have 7 chakras in our body. Each of them is actually an energy center, which works like a wheel inside ourselves. If these “wheels” don’t turn properly or are not fluid, they will block the whole machine. And if one chakra is blocked, it can be the cause of others dysfunctions.

Now that I explained what it is, you also have to know why it is so important to know which one(s) are malfunctionning. These chakras all correspond to emotional and sensitive centers ; when all of them are in good conditions, your whole body can regulate what is coming around (thoughts, fears, anxiety/stress, actions …) normally.

As an example, the first chakra is located at the base of the spine. It has to do with the fact you’re well rooted or not, which means that you’re feeling secure, peaceful and protected. It is the chakra of the stability.
Chakras also have a colour for each of them, and an associated natural element. For the Root Chackra, it is red and -as you might have guessed- the Earth.

What happened at the end of this session ? And how do you feel, on the middle-term ?

When Sera thought it was the right time to stop it, she helped me to go out of this meditative state, and firstly made me sit. I was feeling a bit tired, but also super light. When my feet touched the floor, I was a bit deezy and so, the practician helped me again, to “root” my whole body, as if she was restarting the machine after a long time without walking.

Then, few advices she gave me:

  • Going back home slowly: no (Mo)biking and preferably, walking ;
  • Drink a lot of water to drain my body ;
  • Take a rest, as it is a tiring experience ;
  • And don’t be surprised if I had any discomforts, especially in my intestins (as my dysfunctionnal areas were there, and that she regulated this energy flow).

Then, what I really enjoyed was that she sent me a message the day after, just to ask about my feelings and to be sure I was okay.

For about one week, I really had this feeling of being lighter, more relaxed and concentrated. Even my voice had changed, as several friends noticed it.

Now, more than two weeks after, I have this impression that, as the session helped me to understand more of my person, I am feeling more confident and quiet. I also feel wellbeing in much more daily activities. I hope it will stay and can’t wait for my next session.

How often is it necessary to do a Reiki Session to feel completely in harmony with its body and mind ?

There is no rules: you might just want a unique session to give it a try and to learn more on yourself -in order to make improvements by yourself or not- ; or, like me, you may plan to go for a monthly session. It is really up to you and depends on how you felt right after the first one.

What about after ?

As soon as you have healed your whole body by making the machine works in harmony, it is possible for you -if you’re interested in- to pass the Reiki to someone else, as a practician. Of course, you’ll need to do some trainings with a senior Siam Reiki practician, but that is what is really impressive: your own work on yourself can represent the starting point to help others to also feel this peaceful impression deep inside.


If you’re interested and living in Shanghai, here are more informations about it and the contact of my practician, Sera Shivnan:



WeChat ID: AspireHealth

Email address:


I also wanted to say a special Thank You to my dear friend Cathleen I’ve already talked about on my blog, as she helped me a lot to understand more about the chakras and how it works in our body. You’re such an amazing person and friend, even if you’re in Melbourne now… I am so grateful to have met you ❤


See you all very soon,



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