Hao Bu Hao #2

Hao – 好

  • My new job @ Epermarket : as you might have known, if you talk regularly to me, I am a bit fed up with teaching, and need a Big change for several months now. After feeling more and more confident in my new city, I have this impression I really need to see and to learn something new ! And willing something so hard made me succeed the interview, mainly for the ideas I suggested during it and for my own personality. I have to say it’s a bit challenging and as a result, I am now reading a lot about Marketing Content and Strategy, as I am gonna work as a Marketing Manager, but I also have to admit that I am super excited !!! I can’t wait until mid-June to start this new job and so, this New Life
    At this time, I am still doing paperworks, as the Chinese governement is more and more strict, and needs more and more documents (authentifications and translations, etc). Indeed, they have to cancel my current working visa to be able to do a new one. I might have a temporary working M-visa… So, stay tuned ! (as it is always the main issue about having a job in China: the visa).



  • Starting to workout again : as my friend Véronique said first “Everyone is a yoga teacher in Shanghai, right ?”, I have to say it is true ! However, last month I decided to start yoga again. I am going to the FitFam sessions, for those who are interested in it ; and this is for free ! But two details are good to know: 1) it is at 6 am for each  session (!) and 2) you have to register the day before at 10 am, and in one minute maximum, the event is sold out ! For the first point, it is absolutely not a problem for me, as I have this impression to have one step in advance and the other one of being so productive early in the morning. Then, it is super enjoyable to wake up earlier, just eat a snack -as you cannot eat more if you want to be able to do the postures, trust me !– and then to ride a (Mo)bike until the yoga class ! Plus, when you come back home, you have this giant pleasure to have time for yourself and to eat an awesome breakfast with homemade juice (since we got this blender on Taobao !), muesli and whatever.
    I know it could seem hard for some of you, but it is really a great way to start the day, and I really see the difference by feeling more energetic, productive on my own projects and more relaxed.

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  • Taking time for myself: speaking about relaxing times and self-care brings me to my last Siam Reiki Session I did (follow this link if you still didn’t read my article about this experience !). Then, as I am waiting for my new job to start, I also have time to go to the different places I love: the different creative markets in Shanghai -to create even more stuff- , and spend some time to walk and ride bicycle in my compound where I am really feeling “at home” ; and I also spend time with Friends that I truly like…

WeChat Image_20170606210931

WeChat Image_20170606210946

Greta, my Italian friend & me


  • Having my own workspace: as I am constantly doing something if you know me, I really enjoy having my own workspace in this new apartment. Even if it is small, I have enough space to work on a desk (finally ! And not only a cartoonbox like before, haha !) and to have all my materials around me. Inspiration & creativity are more than valuable to me, so I am glad to have a dedicated place for it. If you’re interested in it, don’t hesitate to ask me, as I might have some tips to share with you, guys. 


Bu Hao – 不好

  • Having been tricked: as I said before, I quit my previous job for a new one, and it has not been an easy thing. I’ve always been a Teacher or working in an educationnal institution since I got my Master Degree in 2014 ; so it was logical to apply for only teaching jobs until there. But this one, in which I have had so much hope and consideration has been one of the worst, at the end. I won’t speak too much about it, as it is part of the past now (as soon as I will get my new documents and visa !) but I actually trusted someone who wasn’t sincere at all. As a conclusion, as I always try to find something positive in the worst things that happen, I will keep in touch with some of my students and some of their wonderful parents but I definitely learned that it is not a good thing for me to throw myself into something, before I really know where I need to go and to get (more) guarantees from my boss, colleagues and so on. I am too flexible and maybe too naive, for the only reason I’ve always loved and trusted people… 




  • Having dried skin & hair: since I arrived in China, I didn’t suffer from the quality of the water at all, but recently I started to notice that I had lost a bit of my hair volume. I still don’t know if I think so because of my friends who really suffer from it or if I didn’t look after my hair properly. However, I know the products I am using very well and don’t see the point… Plus, and what is maybe more disturbing to me, is that my skin has become dryer and now, I have to use a neutral shower gel, as the skin of my arms and legs mostly are itching me. I also hydrate my skin more and more often and it seems to be a bit more comfortable ; I hope it will be like this more and more !


  • Missing my truly friends: even if I have my circle of friends I am proud of here in Shanghai, I have to say that I am also fed up of writing messages on What’s App, Messenger & so on. I have this impression I didn’t do the right choices when I went to France last February and that I should have taken a train to Angers, no matter the price and the conditions. I truly miss my friends there, and even others in Paris, Strasbourg, etc. Even if I know I am doing the best to keep our friendship going, I am constantly thinking that I am missing something… Seeing my friends having kids and making further steps in their lives makes me really happy and really sad at the same time, as I am not here to hug them and tell them “I love you“.

    So I seize this moment to share the Love with my friend I am really missing a lot here: Milie, Emilie, Lilise and Gavril, Pauline, Solenne, Soleil, Babette and Jean-Eudes (& Marion and their cutie Théa !), Vincent and Julien, Marionnette, Mathoune, and so on… 我爱你们 !


I hope you enjoyed this new edition from Hao – bu Hao, as it is a way for me to give some news and to share the things I also really enjoy here ! 

See you very soon,



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