Shanghai Places #1 : the Avocado Lady

As an expatriate, and especially in China, I didn’t expect to find the same food products as what I have been used to, in France. But, I have to say that after a while, some basics have been missing and so,

I started to look after more options in several and well-known shops: 家乐福 (Carrefour) ; City Shop or City Super. But don’t expect to find the exact same products as in France, even for Carrefour ! Then, and even more in City Shop, and wayyyy more in City Super, the prices are totally insane ! As an example, 100 grams of cheese would be the equivalent of more than 10 euro !

Moving out in our new house, in this new place called the Former French Concession (FFC) made us be closer to the famous “Avocado Lady” and then, we thought about giving it a try !

WeChat Image_20170608094522

Why should I go to the Avocado Lady ?

The prices are not that cheap, but at least, you can find some alternatives to what you’re used to, for a good price. And the real plus is that there are not only fresh veggies (and not only avocados either !) and fruits you can also find products that are not available somewhere else, like cans, pesto, tomato sauces, baking soda, …

Another plus is that the Avocado Lady is speaking English ! Even if, personnally, I don’t need to speak English with her (and as I don’t see the point either), I can tell you this is very useful to the many expatriates who are clients, no matter their nationality.

What do you usually buy when you go there ?

The idea of this article came actually by going there, even if I wanted to start this category for a long time, and the first thing I wanted to do is to share with you guys, what I bought from there.

So, here are the purchases I did:

  • Eggs, dairy products & slices of ham I’ve never tried before

WeChat Image_20170608094507

For the eggs, I don’t necessary buy them there, but as we have a very high consumption of it, I buy eggs each time I go to buy groceries, no matter the place. I choose these ones as we already know them, and as it seems to come from free-range hens…

WeChat Image_20170608094513

Cheddar is the most common cheese we buy in China, as it is the cheapest and useful for a lot of dishes, sandwiches and so on. Then, as it is the summer here since one month, I would say (more than 30 degrees almost every day !), I wanted to buy some feta to put in salads, with olives.

For the ham, we have still never tried it before, and as I saw a woman looking for this one, I’ve thought it might be tasty (and not like the too salty Chinese one…).

WeChat Image_20170608094419

Coconut milk is a very common purchase for us, as we usually cook it with chicken and curry ; but also in other vegetables’ dishes I cook sometimes. Then, I’ve bought this Coconut Oil for the first time, in order to use it in different ways: to cook, but mostly to apply on my skin and hair to prevent the dryness I’ve talked about in a previous article.

Vegetal milk is not what I drink everyday, but since we got this blender recently, I am willing to do more and more fresh drinks (smoothies, milkshakes, …) and I wanted to give a try to another type of milk, just for the taste. By the way, if you have any receipes for summer drinks, please let it in the comment sections below !

  • Pantry essentials: flour & diverse cans

WeChat Image_20170608094518

Since we moved in our new castle, we have an oven ! Hip-hip-hip hurrah ! And so, my Fiancé is cooking pastries every weekend (yes, I am super lucky, I know !): crepes and several clafoutis for instance. Flour is so mandatory.

Olives: I’ve always loved them, and I don’t know I’ve lived without for such a long time !

What’s better to use these cans to do delicious summer salads ? It is maybe the first time I’ve seen so much variety and as a result, I decided to take 2 of each, to be sure that I have enough !

  • Avocados & “dehydrated” dates

WeChat Image_20170608094501

Avocados belong to my top favourite vegetables of all world ! I know, they come from Peru and it is not very ecological, but so yummy with poached eggs … or not !

Then, I bought these dates, especially for the smoothies/milkshakes I want to do. If you pass by, Anaïs (a friend I’ve met on Instagram, thanks to Charline, my primary school’s best friend), I can’t wait to do your receipe !


Where do I find the Avocado Lady in Shanghai ?

The Avocado Lady is located:

274 Wulumuqi Road, near Wuyuan Road (Former French Concession) 


And… That’s It !

If you have any questions about what else I could find there, and the prices for it, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

See you,




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