Chinese Portrait #3: Fleur, founder of Les Petites Shanghaiennes.

Fleur, 29, is a French and Parisian girl arrived in Shanghai in 2010 for an internship. Then, she worked 3 years for Decathlon as a Communication Director. She also worked for Quechua and for a private agency before starting her own business beginning of 2015. 


How did Fleur started Les Petites Shanghaiennes ?

As you might already know if you know the brand, Fleur started by creating headbands as she highlighted the relationship a girl has with accessories. She wanted it wearable and adjustable in different situations for different looks: rock-pop ; bohemian ; casual ; … Then, the names of the headbands are streets from Shanghai, as she is now living in the city for more than 7 years !

Where does her inspiration come from ? 

The first thing Fleur answered when I asked the question has been immediate: from the people themselves ! As Fleur is a Parisian and now living in Shanghai, she loves mixing colours and fabrics which also represents both cultures and of course, this way of living, in an international environment. As she told me, Les Petites Shanghaiennes is a French brand, but its identity is Chinese”. By the way, the team is working with experimented Chinese women that they have trained, in order to produce handmade high-quality products.

What kind of products can I find now at LPS ?

Fleur still creates diverse headbands but also bags, now. She chooses her leathers because she particularly cares about doing limited editions, willing to produce only what is necessary and to be more environmentally responsible. The bags are made to last and are at the opposite of the fast-fashion. Her collection includes shoes too.


Where can I find Les Petites Shanghaiennes in Shanghai ?

Even if Fleur wants her brand to stay an online shop for costs and taxes reasons (also for us, as a customer !), some of her products are to find in REGALO, a shop located at 271 Anfu Lu (安福路271号)in the Xuhui District, more exactly in the French Former Concession.

What about Fleur’s Chinese Portrait, then ? 

If I was an an animal, I would be a wolf.

If I was a tool, the eyesight.

If I was an object, a surf board.

If I was one of other’s designers creations, I would be one of the beautiful dresses from Joyce Wang.

If I was a place, Uluwatu in Bali.

If I was a moment, the end of the day, for a sunset in France during summer, when you start what we call ” apéro” with friends & family.

If I was a dish/desert, La Tropézienne.

If I was a quality, … And a default ! Creative… But obstinate.

If I was a story, I write MY story every day & with every decision I make.

If I was a movie, I would be Dirty dancing (I know: So cliché!!).

If I was having dinner with three famous or no, alive or dead people, it would be with Elvis Presley to dance & sing, Mandela to talk about humanity and Jean Dujardin to make me laugh.

If I had a magic being/genie in front of me right now,I would like that he realise these 3 dreams:

– Live in Bali forever & ever with my Love ;

– Have a huge success with Les Petites Shanghaiennes ;

– Travel the world to experiment new adventures & get inspired.


>>> To know more about Les Petites Shanghaiennes & to shop the articles, go and order on the following website:



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