Beauty Wishlist #1

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I wrote my last article / poem about my Love ; but we were actually moving out and I was also starting my new job, full-time.

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Eyebrows on fleek ! with Ema, founder of Esthète Paris

Hello again !

For the Fashion Week of Shanghai, but not only, don’t forget to take care of yourself, and more especially of your eyebrows !

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My Favourites of March 17′

Hello everyone,

I come back today, after a break for the weekend, and as I still have 2 more days off. It was Qingming Jie (that means Tomb Sweeping holiday) and so, we had time to enjoy, to prepare our future moving-out and to work on our own projects (even if we didn’t have Internet at home anymore, because the agency forgot to pay and as it is Holiday, we had to find a place everyday to be lucky enough to have unlimited Wifi, haha !).

I wanted to present you my Favourites of March in different categories, as I already did an edition about it last year and/but not in English.

So, let’s get started !

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