Get prepared for the Shanghai Fashion Week ’17 !

Tomorrow is the Big Day for me, as I am taking part of one of the shows from the Shanghai Fashion Week, 2017 Edition ; and I will also have access to the different showrooms & places, where the topmodels and journalists are, as an Editorial Writer for That’s It Magazine !

So, let’s get ready with me for it !

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Concours – 1K views this Month !

Hi again,

As you should now, this is the end of the month ; and I am really grateful for your support every day.

It is true that my life here is definitely super exciting, and that, of course, I have many things to talk about, much more interesting than just the previous articles, when I was still living in France.

For this reason, and as I met a lot of interesting people here, in Shanghai ;

I would like to thank you all in suggesting a “concours” for the person who will be the first to reach the 1000′ view, for this month, on my (still) baby blog.

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