Hao Bu Hao #2

Hao – 好

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Rencontre avec la Ptite Lu


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“You don’t need another blog to get started” Camilla

Hello everyone,

Today, I am just gonna share an article that looks like written by me ; but that is not !

It is one from Camilla, who has a wonderful project : walk with strangers to establish the connection more easily, as people have this link with the city they are living in…

I couldn’t find this project more than Awesome !

Please, have a look at her Blog & if you also liked the project, just let a like & comment to her !

See you very soon, for my Projects, then !




Never wait till you feel ready.

There’s no “right”time to start. If you wait till you feel ready to start something, you’ll spend the rest of your life waiting in that “almost ready” status.

Take actions right now and let actions bring about their own momentum. Let actions change your brain and watch miracles happen.

I never waited for the “perfect” time to start. I never waited till I have a “perfect” project plan to start. You start and you adjust along the way. When I started with the first stranger what I had was a very simple wordpress page set up a few days before where I only put a few lines describing the project and myself. I didn’t ask around for suggestions. I told one friend about it and that was all. I didn’t have my pitch perfectly figured out. I had no idea what was gonna happen.

Stop reading my…

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