Chinese Portrait #3: Fleur, founder of Les Petites Shanghaiennes.

Fleur, 29, is a French and Parisian girl arrived in Shanghai in 2010 for an internship. Then, she worked 3 years for Decathlon as a Communication Director. She also worked for Quechua and for a private agency before starting her own business beginning of 2015. 


How did Fleur started Les Petites Shanghaiennes ?

As you might already know if you know the brand, Fleur started by creating headbands as she highlighted the relationship a girl has with accessories. She wanted it wearable and adjustable in different situations for different looks: rock-pop ; bohemian ; casual ; … Then, the names of the headbands are streets from Shanghai, as she is now living in the city for more than 7 years !

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Shanghai Places #1 : the Avocado Lady

As an expatriate, and especially in China, I didn’t expect to find the same food products as what I have been used to, in France. But, I have to say that after a while, some basics have been missing and so,

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My first Siam Reiki experience

It’s been a while that I wanted to do more about self-care and so, tried several things in order to spend more time “with myself“, always trying to find something that was helping my body and my mind at the same time. For this reason, I decided to start yoga again, and I also put my mind in a lot of creatives activities in order to heal, somehow, my spirit, or at least to let it breathe a bit. Continue reading My first Siam Reiki experience